In this session we cover . A. Preparation and description of variables for use in Multilevel Model. B. Setting up the Multilevel Model. C. Using the Mutlilevel Model to Examine Between-Person Differences in Within-Person Associations. D. Plotting and Probing Interactions. The overall set-up of the models follows Bolger & Laurenceau (2013. 2017. 11. 26. · Multilevel Modeling in R; by Richard Blissett; Last updated over 4 years ago; Hide Comments (–) Share Hide Toolbars. 2004. 5. 25. · To statisticians multilevel models are a particular type of mixed-e ects model . That is, they incorporate both xed e ects: parameters that apply to the entire population or well-de ned subgroups of the population. random e ects: parameters that apply to speci c experi-mental units , which represent a sample from the popula-. .

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